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Angie's list

I really appreciated working with Tiley Roofing on replacing our roof that had wind damage from the heavy winds that we had this winter.

First, I got quotes from Tiley and from another local roofing company for my claim. The quote from Tiley was less, but also more thorough. I did not get as much information from the other company. Both quotes were higher than the amount that our insurance adjuster was authorizing, however.

The estimator from Tiley worked directly with my insurance adjuster and, with negotiations back and forth, he was able to get the insurance to authorize more for the work as there were things that Boulder County Building Code requires that other counties do not. (Surprise, surprise,— if you have ever tried to get a building permit in Boulder County). Also, the insurance adjuster’s square footage was not accurate and Tiley worked with them to adjust their figures. I was glad to have Tiley work with the insurance adjuster instead of having to do it myself. And I was glad that the insurance finally agreed to the amount that Tiley had originally quoted.

Lastly, the work done by Tiley was completed sooner than expected. They did a great job of communicating with me. (They are very thorough with communication all around). And they did a great job on site with clean up. I have not found one stray nail left behind.

The Boulder County Building official that approved the permit commented on the high quality of the work done. All in all it was an excellent experience with Tiley Roofing.

 Theresa Baker, Google

We have been building high end custom homes in the foothills areas of Denver since 1995 and have worked with countless subcontractors over the years. Roofing contractors can be challenging because they are always busy, especially now, with the new construction booming and hail storms galore. We have always been able to rely on Tiley Roofing for timeliness and consideration of schedules, competitive pricing, quality workmanship and follow-up. They are also organized with billing and insurance practices and maintain a professional demeanor with clients. Whenever we have a contractor that makes our lives easier, we are extremely appreciative and Tiley Roofing is one of those companies.

 Bud and Claire Moore via Angela Myers, Facebook
Owners, American Craftsman Homes of CO, Inc

I was very pleased with Tiley Roofing. They are insured and bonded. Their employees used safety equipment. I have a two story house with a walk out basement so if someone it would not be good. Their customer service, quality and price have been excellent. Since they have been around since 1999 and a Colorado based company, I am confident they will be here if I need warranty work. This is a professional organization and NOT a roofing storm chaser. I would highly recommend them.

Anonymous, Angie’s List

Thank you for a great experience! Everyone I have spoken to at Tiley has been helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I really appreciate having such a smooth experience and not getting the run around. I would highly recommend Tiley to anyone who asks. Be sure to ask for Amanda. She will take care of you!

Tracy H. from Riverside, CA, Yelp

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